Ok, Ok. Here it is, Sonnet, all finished – not blocked, but I don’t think it really needs too much in the blocking way. I actually really like this sweater, post knit.
Started – April 2, 2006
Buttoned Up – May 6, 2006 (not bad, not bad)
Yarn: Cestari Cotton/Wool Blend. This yarn is nicely soft and not as hard on your hands as 100% cotton, it kinda has a nice give like quality to it, not sproingy, but not too stiff.

It wasn’t an exciting knit – definitely something to keep your hands out of the candy jar when your watching something on TV that takes more attention than your knitting does. Plus, candy stains on knitting – not so nice. This is not something I know about firsthand – I just heard it somewhere……

Thanks to everyone who sent us their well wishes and support. I have dubbed my DH as Pepe, the houseboy and he will do my bidding. Actually – and when will this stop – our youngest is sick AGAIN and Dad took him to the doctors today – and told me what I’ve been thinking all along – we need new doctors. Which is probably on the horizon anyway, since the insurance will change at the end of June. Things that wake me up in the middle of the night – like panic over insurance and dental and all that, have been soothed at my job today – I’m assured that all is ok, and we can just switch over to my insurance when his “separation date” (hereby now forever dubbed the”fuckover date”) is reached. So, that is a comfort. Last week really did suck – the head butted cheek is mostly ok – still a bit tender, but hey – nothing broken, nothing gained. And I’m totally going to ignore the swollen gland in my neck – I am not getting sick, 0h no. But the Fibro flare up – ahhh, that could totally be stressed induced and we are just going to ignore that too. Yup, ignorance is the way to go – I find it can work very well. I hate these woe is me posts, so that’s all I’m gonna say ’bout that.

I am mostly done with my second pair of toe up socks. I did start knitting on a Diamond fantasy scarf for a dear friend who is retiring in January – which will be put aside as soon as my zephyr yarn comes to make a graduation shawl for a special young lady – I’m going to use the Shetland Triangle pattern from Wrap Style – in white zephyr. I’m hoping it will be a nice keepsake for her. And it needs to be done by June 3rd – so the minute the yarn gets here, that will be what is knit and knit and knit. And Ribby Shell is still on the needles – I’ve heard of knitting like this but never really experienced it – it’s not getting any longer. I keep knitting and knitting and it’s still 11 inches. I have to start the sleeve hole thingamajigy at 14.5 inches. It’s still 11 inches. It’s like the stitches, they get sucked into a knitting black hole. I knit a row – gone. I knit another, wait, it’s……..gone. And I know the next time I measure it – I’ll have to rip twenty rows cause it will be, like 18 inches which is waaaay toooo long. Sombeotch.

And I think that’s it for now.


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