Socky Goodness


Suh-weet! These are my first toe-up socks, and let me tell you…………….

It’s a bitchin’ way to make sock. I know, everyone knows this already, you all have done it, love it and I’m slow, slow, slow for trying this soooo late in the knitting game – but really, it’s hard to let go of a method you know, for the unknown, even if it turns out to be successful.

Oh, and I know, the stripes don’t match up exactly – I don’t care. I am just loving these socks and the only thing keeping me from casting on another pair immediatlely is that I want to finish Sonnet.

Toe Up Socks
Started: April 13, 2005
Finished: April 17, 2005 ( I know! Get out!)
Yarn: Opal Elemente on US# 1 needles – 2 circs.

And here is Ribby Shell……………….

I’m loving this – the yarn is soooooooooo nice – such a joy to knit – and it’s cotton. Usually I hurt with cotton, but it’s got some nice sproing in it. But, due to guilty and wanting to cast on for more, I’m working on the final front of Sonnet right now, trying to knit my way out of this nasty heachache I woke up with – I think I’m catching the virus that DS has – and I’m trying my best not to acknowledge it’s presence in my body right now. We have all been sick so much this year, and I know everyone is blaming it on the mild winter – but this is bullshit. I’m sick of, well, being sick! I just won’t stand for it anymore. I’m freakin done. I don’t have ANY sick days or personal days left at work and the last few days I’ve had off have been without PAY – this is not good. I still have two months of work left and that leaves nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. And the nice weather is finally here.

Has anyone seen the movie “Ladykillers”? Am I missing something? Oh and Big Love? Chloe/Nicky, I hope you get your ass kicked the hell out – 58K in debt and no yarn to show for it?? That’s just not right.

One other question to my three readers out there – Was there some controversy over Cherry Tree Hill Yarns that I missed? Saw it mentioned somewhere on a blog, no details, no link and now I just can’t get it out of my mind – I have some and want to know what it’s all about.


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