Margaux off the Needles!


Margaux is, how you say, DONE!!! Yay!! I finally, finally sat down and muscled through that V-neck cabling section – holy cow. I do have a close up of the necky goodness, but it’s a bit on the blurry side. Margaux, Berroco pattern book #234
Started: August 25, 2005
Finished: April 23, 2006

Used Berroco Denim Silk in the Chipolte colorway and this photo is a pretty decent rendition of it. I used most of the yarn – I have one complete skein left over and two smallish balls that would probably not even equal half a skein. The pattern had some corrections – and the front decreasing just sucked, I really had to wing it as the directions really could have been clearer and simpler. It really does fit me, it looks nice on, I will wear it when it’s not as chilly out as it is now – perhaps the Maryland S&W??? We are talking about going on Saturday – we have friends who live close by and we usually go the festival, meet up and visit – I always look forward to it!!!

Hubby took me for a short trip over and up to Mountain Knits and Pearls in East Stroudsburg, PA yesterday- cute shop and she does beading, too. I came away with “Socks Soar on Two Circulars” and a ball of Lana Grossa Fondo – which is really nice to work with. I have to say I like it a bit better than the Opal, which I really liked – it’s softer. And of course I know this, because I cast on for another toe up pair of socks for ME!!! It’s been productive knit wise this weekend – yesterdays rain and all. I finished one sleeve on Sonnet and made up my mind that I would complete Margaux before I cast on the other. Which I did. Now those needles go right back into service on Sonnets second sleeve – which is Booooooor- ring.

And I have to add this little short sad story – we had a gentleman – Pete – who I always called “old truck guy” since he drove a really old style pick up truck that he took really good care of. Pete used to hang out with Nick, they seemed like best buds and they always cruised the road looking for lawn mowers, tractors or anything with a motor that could be tinkered with. We always knew who picked up our old broken down lawn equipment and I remember asking my husband once why we just didn’t bring it on down to Pete’s house. He said half the fun for them was finding the stuff. Anyway, Pete passed away a few months ago – very quickly. Today as I was coming up the road, there at Pete’s house was the brigade – you know, the people that come by, relatives, friends, what have you, that start going through the house and belongings – so sad. I miss seeing that old guy, old truck guy, who never, not once was too busy tinkering to wave to me as I came up or down the road. I hope there are some really great roads with tons of old equipment where ever he is!


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