The hands……….they’re crippling up. Make me stop. I finished one sock on friday and cast on for the second – less than 24 hours after I started the first – can you feel the pain? I’m trying to pace myself, take breaks, and lets face it, other things need to be done, like bathroom trips, sick children, cooking, cleaning, warsh. That’s all getting done. A little yard work thrown in. But I can’t………..stop……….knitting………..the………….SOCKS. And I refuse to take another photo till they’re done so you can see the oh so cute picot edging I put on the top. The socks from the toe up – they are soooooooo cool. I love the toe. I love the HEEL – I would do this short row heel on socks from the rib down, I love it so much. Just makes such a nice little nest for your heel – the heel loves that!

Have I knit on Sonnet at all? Nope. Instead, I ran (typed, but you get it) right the hell over to Chic Knits and downloaded the latest sale pattern, Ribby Shell, and cast on for it. I had to. Drastic measures to save the hands. Different needles and all that scientific stuff. And I just happened to have a whole, unopened, (we’re talking still in the plastic wrap) box of Tahki Cotton Classic in a beautiful cream color that just kept calling – ribby shell……..ribby shellllllll……….i want to be a ribby shelllllllllllllllllllll. I just had to. What’s the big deal? I only have three projects going at once. That is small in comparison to what I could have going on. I’m thinking I need to cast on for a wash cloth, is that bad? This one project at a time stuff is obviously what has caused the winter weight gain. I see a book – the knitters guide to weight loss……..

DS is feeling better, no real fever to speak of – so we’re not speaking of it. He’s coughing less since I saw the doctor on Friday and he said, well, let’s just give him the super duper double whammy cough medicine so he can sleep. I only give that to him at night, because you need to cough all that junk up – from what I hear about pneumonia. Oh, yeah, this was a mild case, too. I wonder what the hell a bad case would have been like – hospital stay? No thank you, this was bad enough for the kid. Oh, and I just love, love, love it when the doctor says stuff like – I can’t even hear it – if we hadn’t done the chest xray, we probably would have just treated it like a virus. virus? They’ve been treating him, or lack of treating him, for viruses all winter!!!!!!!! And next time this child gets a “virus” I”m going to insist on more than the treatment they gave him all winter, which was NOTHING. Then maybe he wouldn’t end up with pneumona??? I’m just saying. He’s complained several times that he had trouble breathing, that his lungs hurt and the doctors kept assuring me it wasn’t pneumonia. His lungs were clear. They didn’t HEAR anything. Well, guess what? No one heard anything at the hospital but he coughed his little cough and boom – chest xray. They did not kid around. And, his breathing was 100% – which means he’s was getting the maximum air – but he still had pneumonia! Those doctors we’ve been going to – bastids. Bastids, bastids, bastids!!! They don’t even agree with EACH OTHER. Time to change doctors.

I’ve happened upon a blog I just love to read right now, Enchanting Juno , she’s just too darn funny, witty, entertaining – a great read. Go check her out, or you probably already know about her – I’m so slow sometimes. Take a little siesta from blogging and you miss a yarnload of stuff.

Happy Everything!


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