I’m Going to Hell


All I wanted to do was run a few errands, get out of the house for an hour, go to the LYS, get the needles I needed and come home. Really. Cutting off Jesus was not in my plan.

I kid you not. I even had a hard time believing it. And by Jesus, I mean a man dressed up as Jesus with two children following him – but wait, there’s more.

I was stopped at the corner, waiting to make the right turn that would put me in the best possible parking situation for the LYS. I looked right. I looked left. I looked right……………OH MY GOD. There is a man, dressed up like Jesus, with a cross over his shoulder ( I know, it’s Good Rriday, but in all my catholic years, I’ve never seen this happening outside of Mass or say, a special event at Church) walking toward me, UPHILL, dragging the cross. What do I do??? I panicked. I just saw an opening in the traffic and I went, because all I could think of was Dear God, I pulled up too far and I’m now BLOCKING the cross walk that Jesus needs to continue carrying the cross, and oh my God, I’m going straight to hell.

Please tell me I did the right thing – I was only trying to get out of his way – I couldn’t stand the thought of someone dressed up as Jesus having to wait for me to pull out and unblock the cross walk so he could continue up the road.

My son must be feeling better because when I told this story to my husband he said – mom, get it……..you were in the “CROSS walk” ………


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