And Waiting some more…………


Well, the doctors office called back and advised me to take my son into the Pediatric ER – I was mystified – they said they would be more equipped to do a chest x-ray there – I just didn’t get it, but I took him all the way into morristown and it’s a great place to take kids – they have a childrens ER there that is outstanding. He has Pnuemonia. His temperature keeps going up and down and it’s all over the place – after IV fluids and antibiotics, they released him with a 103 temp. Someone, please restore my faith in our doctors – I’m so pissed off right now, because after replaying our doctors visit yesterday – and the practitioner telling him not to “lay down” all the time and then suggesting a check xray this morning – I think they knew something was up yesterday and intead of saying – we think he might be developing pneumonia, watch him for this that and the other, the assumed I was some kind of asshole parent and an idiot and I only need as much information as they think I can handle. How about instead of that frickin sinus xray yesterday – we could have had a chest xray then???? Hello, I saw the xray and even I could tell something wasn’t right. And now I”m supposed to bring him back to those same doctors for a recheck???? And How the heck am I going to find another pediatrician mid-illness? Has anyone else had this happen? If so, let me know that this can come on so suddenly – like in less than 24hours from the doctors visit, that I shouldn’t feel angry with them.

Oh, and to the doctor’s assistant who told me to stick with one pain/fever reliever at a time, even though my doctor said to alternate advil and tylenol every three hours – you sent me home with the same damn instructions – what’s the difference if I do advil, then tylenol three hours later, then advil OR advil every six hours with tylenol inbetween for “break through” fevers – three hours after the advil????????????????? Same thing, Ace.

And I wonder why I drink???

Anyway, I left the knitting in the car, as I knew I couldn’t do that while they were trying to give him IV’s and meds, but I did have The Yarn Harlots book to keep me company, and it did help. Knitting indeed Rules!


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