Sale! Sale!!! Did I mention there’s a Sale!!!


Hey! Head on over to Chic Knits, Bonnie Marie is having a Sale on three of her patterns – Gigi, Twist and LoTech Sweat – $1.00 off each – I just ordered myself Gigi and Twist – and it’s instant gratification – click, pay and download, baby!!!

Am I the only knitter that decides to knit the heavier knits in the SPRING? What, is my seasonal knitting clock off? Do I have some type of reverse winter knitting syndrom – RWKS? Fortunately, it seems to wear off before the hot weather arrives, at which time it becomes Shawl Season. Lace knitting. Light socks to wear on cool camping nights.

Blue Ridge Jacket is buttoned and being worn – we had a cold snap, shall we say, this week and it came in handy. I would like to model it, take a photo and post it, but, alas, I am not a MODEL. Nope. My friends, sadly, I am 50 pounds over fighting model weight. Now, please don’t confuse that with skinny, no cheeks (on either end) model weight. No, no, no, I could never be that. But hey, this polar bear winter weight? Not good for modelling pictures. Must get on the exercise bike – say it with me, must get on the exercise bike, must get……..on………..the………..exercise…………………..

Yesterday’s visit to The Rutger’s open house, in the pouring down rain, was very enlightening. We were able to visit the dorms and the College of Engineering – long TOUR. When they say tour, they mean TOUR. NOt kidding. I think we saw every single lab in that building. It was great. I didn’t understand most of what was being said scientifically, mechanically, aerospacially, biomedically, but my DH and DS did, and that’s what counts. And the dorm rooms aren’t bad at all, and what’s more the engineering students can opt to be in the engineering dorm, which my hubby and I think is the best place for sonny boy. Especially for freshman year. I had a little panic set in, when I started to think about all the stuff he’s going to need, but that is summer worries, no? Why jump the worry wagon and start now? That’s what I thought. I just need to wrap my mind around the fact that our son is going to COLLEGE for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering??? HOly Crap! Baby steps.

Well, I’ve run out of blather. I’m going to go put on some handknit socks, get a cup of coffee, my knitting and watch the morning news – it’s cold out again – supposed to be 57? I don’t think so.


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