Please, please look at the date on this post – it should say APRIL 5th. Yes, I believe it is April. Yup. April. I think I said APRIL???? This is what was going on shortly after the kids went to school this morning – see that white stuff……….it’s not so bad, just a little SNOW SHOWER?? Right? How About now? We have nearly 3 to 4 inches of snow. Yes, that is INCHES of snow, measureable inches. The wind is howling. I cannot see my neighbors HOUSE and the SNOWPLOW is plowing the road. I feel like that girl in Poltergeist – someone – tell me – What’s going on? I’ve been saying for weeks that we weren’t done with winter, but did anyone believe me? No. Y’all thought I was nuts. Yes, you did, admit it. You were all like – she’s soooooooo nutty, it’s spring, what is wrong with her????

I’m home sick -(not homesick, but HOME sick) I had dreams of nausea and would love to say I was puking or whatnot, but no. Just the nausea. Now, it’s not so bad. But I’m sitting up. Knitting on Sonnet from time to time. Watching the episodes of Big Love -now that is a very different kind of show. I’ve had my own ideas of what would make a good TV show, but never, and I mean it, never did I ever think a show on polygamy would have made it. Did I spell that right? I doubt it. I’m not sure what I think of the show – Even though I know Bill Paxton has made many movies – the two roles of his that stick in my mind are the bastid brother in Weird Science that gets turned into a disgusting blob, and the spy-wannabe that pees himself in True Lies – I guess that’s a bit of typecasting – a blob of a pee-er, but I can’t see him without thinking about those two movie. And Chole Svegeny just bothers me. No real reason. Maybe she is just such a good actress that I really think that she is just that way, and that type of person just GET’s to me. What will HBO think of next – I thought Six Feet Under was their weirdest show and I loved that show. I’m still reserving my opinion on this – no way would I give up watching Grey’s and I would only watch this show ON DEMAND. And that’s all I have to say ’bout that.


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