SnB and EnD


There was a Stitch N Bitch AND and Eat N Drink going on last Saturday – I missed the HnP (huff and puff around the local reservior) but we finally did get together……..the Stitch N Bitch as evidenced by the knitting bags……….

The Eat N Drink evidence……….Hi Mary and Carolyn!

Maryann holding up her Antimacassar…….

And Carolyn and Chris……….they did not knit, but thought about it and decided to just EnD……..maybe next time………

Thanks for having us all, Carolyn, I had a great time…………The husbands got involved later on at Maryann and Marks house for a wonderful spur of the moment BBQ – unfortunatly my DH isn’t feeling great, so we got him home early.

Sunday, I worked on this……..The Blue Ridge Jacket thatisnowblocking/drying. I swear, it took me over 40 minutes to bind off the edging on the fronts and bottom – that was one long bind-0ff, but I did have company – Meridith on Grey’s. Yup, more knitting on Grey’s Anatomy and Izzy made a sweater – this is such a great show to begin with, and adding something that is familar to many, such as knitting, just gives it a special touch.

I’ve picked out the buttons, but this is taking it’s time drying. I thought I would post today, since I’m home sick from work – after trying to go in and hang on, the stomach bug bit me, I think. My stomach is a mess – no spewing yet, but boy, do I feel bad. I’ve been on the couch, reading blogs, knitting a little, and downloading some knitcasts I’ve been wanting to catch up on. Hey, speaking of Knitcast – I subscribed via Itunes, but it’s way faster to down load them from the knitcast page – weird. Does anyone else have that problem?

Didn’t feel that great last night and wanted to get to bed early, but we had a thunderstorm and it was our first one in the new room – we opened up the curtains and just watched the show out of those big windows – it was really nice – I finally fell asleep towards the end of it but really didn’t feel much better this morning. I did go to work, but we have a few compromised people in our class and I just didn’t want to spread the joy around the room – plus, I started to feel bad quickly – and my temp is 98! I’m freezing and thought I had a fever, but no, my temp is just low. Ain’t that a kick in the pants!

I’m now working on Sonnet from knitty and I’m really loving the way its taking shape – this will definitely be a nice cardigan to get though the chilly nights of spring and summer. Someday, I will actually finish those cabled socks – I just can’t get into that right now – but they are right here beside me, waiting for inspiration to strike.


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