New Book on the Block


Or Couch, as you might have noticed………wait………..could it be………why yes, it is! It’s the Yarn Harlot’s New Book…….Knitting Rules!!! It arrived today, via Amazon, and I just had to take a photo of it, as I told Stephanie, on it’s very own couch cushion – yes, it is center stage. I cannot wait to delve into it – and since I had to take some time for the photo shoot, I haven’t really been able to give it more than a quick page through – so far, I think my favorite chapter may be “Yarn and How Not to Feel Guilty About It.” It’s seems to be quite at home here, between it’s cousins, The Yarn Harlot and At Knit’s End. Although I must say, it was not my idea to give it center stage, it just seemed to naturally gravitate towards that center cushion and………..
Take over the remote as well! I don’t know that it will watch any TV, but I think the book must feel safer with the remote in easy reach. I, thought for sure it would have grabbed that sock I’ve been working on, but not so. I’m really looking forward to reading this, so let me just say Thanks Stephanie, for what I know will be another great book about my most favorite thing of all – knitting!!!!


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