Knitting Content


Well, I said there would be knitting content and, taaa daaa, here it is. This is the Blue Rigdge Jacket from the Spring 2005 issue of knitters mag. This is the best representation of the yarn – which is Turino Silk from Plymouth – which I hope I have enough of to FINISH the sweater – I don’t want to talk about it.
This is the body of the sweater and one sleeve laying on my bed – the color is off in this one but I had to show how it’s mostly knit in one big piece for the body and then the sleeves are added on. Pretty simple construction and easy knitting. I’m a third of the way done with sleeve two, have to make a button decision and then collar and edge it and I’ll be wearing this through the chilly spring days I’m hoping we have, instead of moving right on into summer.
Actually, I’m still thinking we aren’t quite done with snow – the last time we had this kind of mild winter, we ended up with over a foot and a half of snow on April 11th – well into the start of spring and that had to be about 8 years ago. I don’t think you get away with mild winters too much around here. The last two days have been outrageously gorgeous, very spring like and sunny. And this weekend is daylight savings, so get ready to miss an hour of sleep – not an hour of knitting!

I’m in the finish things up kind of mood, so after this sweater is put together, it’s time to finally finish that sock and then onto something new for me!! Maybe another pair of socks and another sweater – I usually have two things going at once to save my sanity, although I’ve just been knitting on the sweater lately. It’s been pretty portable, so I haven’t needed a sock to take to work with me. I’m thinking of the Jaywalker socks in some lorna’s laces that I have stashed away. Speaking of stash – I must have had a guiltly moment on Saturday. Did my errands, made my way over to the yarn shop, and was so disgusted that there wasn’t any parking that I just turned around and came home – someone call the doctor please!!! I have never in my knitting life turned away from a knitting shop because of parking problems – what was that about? Was it my subconcious telling me to use my stash, knowing full well that if I went into that shop, there wasn’t any way I’d come out without yarn??? Don’t worry too much, though. When I got home, I went on Amazon and ordered two new knitting books – that I had seen in Barnes and Noble and decided I’d rather save some money than have instant gratification – we are talking about 20 dollars that could possibly go towards some new yarn………

And I’m also thinking of opening a little shop on – I’ve always wanted my own yarn shop, and this might be a way of testing the waters on a small scale. Maybe selling some yarn, markers, needles and books. It seems more reasonable than ebay and managable. We’ll see. I can actually start very small and not have to worry about the page fee from ebay per month. Anyone out there have any tips or advice, I would really appreciate it. I think I might have to get my tax ID number for this to buy wholesale and that scares the heck outta me. I was actually going to suggest to hubby that he and I come up with a unique design for some knitting needles and make them together. He loves the wood working. I’ll definitely post here if I do it.

That’s all for now, folks!!


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