Can it be – another post???


Wow, I’m blogging again. And it hasn’t even been a month! Go figure. I’ve been catching some time to knit on the blue ridge jacket – so much so, that I think I’m going to be able to start the separations for the front and back, any minute. Maybe tonight when Lost is on.

Have you ever had someone say this to you:

Person: Oh, you Knit! What are you knitting?

Me: A cardigan.

Person: Oh!!! Your a KNITTER!

Me: Yes (thinking, my you are dense) I AM a KNITTER.

What the hell does that mean – like if I knit something else, I’d be just a “knitter” but since I’m knitting a cardigan I’m a KNITTER. Hello!!! bing bong. You knit, therefore you are a knitter. Really, people do say the strangest things.

Now I have to go see a urologist – great. Kidneys are ok, but apparently I have trouble emptying my bladder – really, I hadn’t noticed. And besides, if you make me drink 32 ounces of water, do an ultrasound, then let me pee (oh, thank you, by the way) and then do another ultrasound, don’t ya think I perhaps have maybe, oh, let my bladder start filling up again on the way back to the ultrasound table???? Hello, 32 ounces is a lot of water. I’m just saying. Can you stop your bladder from filling up again? Is there a no fill switch you hit. Like in your belly button or ear lobe or something. Really. I’d say your darn lucky I made it to the bathroom – obviously they are bladder half empty people instead of bladder half full people.

Well, I think I’ll mosey on down to my little yarn stash and get me some more yarn to continue on that cardy. It’s still cold out, so I feel I just may get to wear it this spring.

Tune in next time – I might actually have a picture post – hey, cut me some slack, I’m tired and I just don’t feel like expending the 2 calories it would take to get the camera, lay out the knitting take the picture and upload it. Pitiful, I know, but I’m easing back into it.


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