We Interrupt This Blog for an Actual Post


Well, it’s been over a month. And now, a pictureless post ensues. I’ve finally picked up some serious knitting – the Blue Ridge Jacket – finally finished the bottom band and picked up the stitches for the body. And I’m knitting and enjoying it and wondering, what’s the knitting buzz lately? You know, as in, the hot project. Remember the Ribby Cardy? Well, what’s this months Ribby Cardy? Anybody have any input? That’s what I’ve been missing – reading everyone’s blog and getting excited about the projects they’re working on and having it inspire my own projects – boy life, or knitting life sure did get away from me the last 6 months. See what one little home addition, health issues and whatnot get in the way of??? Yeesh. Well, no more! I’m going to make a point of updating my blog at least once a week (or so, stop it, I hear you laughing) and hopefully with pictures. I have been taking photo’s and selling a few – so that’s taken up some of my time. I’ve been pretty busy at http://scootergirl762.deviantart.com (not deviant TART, my dear Fi!) So that has been taking up some of my time away from knitting -a long with working on the house. Now, it looks like spring is trying to get in here – trying I say because after having a 75 degree day today, we are plummeting enough to have snow possibly by the weekend. Wacky spring weather.

I’ve been back and forth to the doctors so much this winter – for myself and for my youngest – with flu’s, reactive airways, and my third UTI – now I’m going to tests to see why I’m getting so many UTI’s and getting to stay on antibiotics longer than a person has the right to. Hopefully, it will just be a stubborn infection. Anywho, that sure wears on ya. I’m thinking of installing a laptop and desk at the doctors office…….

Well, I know it’s been awhile but I hope to be back in the knit of things now……..

Have a great week!!


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