Mostly Done


The Room is done!!!! Well, all but the glass shower doors are in, but we are moved in and enjoying our new space – and our new King Size Bed!!! So comfy and we are quickly getting spoiled!!! This is the view out the side window which is right across from our bed – it’s a dream come true!! We quickly filled up the walk in closet – I can’t believe we had all that stuff in a little sliding door closet once upon a time – it’s so nice to be able to spread out.

And there has been knitting going on – working to try to finish a baby blanket by Wednesday and the cable socks are nearing the heel turning stage – I feel like things are right back on track. Even tho my Fibro has flared up a bit, I just am not going to let it get me down – I’m going to plod through it – if I have to hurt, I’m going to at least hurt while doing what I want!!! I wanted to do the Harlots Olympic Knit along -but I’m trying to tie up loose ends right now, and so, I’m doing my own type of finish it up knit along.

And, we are getting a major Nor’easter today – it just this second started to snow lightly out – at 3:50. The food shopping is done. The house is tidy. The sheets are fresh. The knitting is right beside me. The crock pot is simmering dinner.

What more could a girl ask for???


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