Ok, I was tagged by knitnana a little while ago, and I guess I must do this meme – The Five Quirkest Things About Me are……..

1. I have OCD with electrical appliances – I cannot leave the house unless making sure the iron, curling iron are unplugged – and I have recently been working on leaving the coffee pot plugged in, but I must check that it’s off before I leave – even tho it shuts it self off – yes, it will destroy my day if I don’t.

2. I have to hug a pillow when I sleep. Or I can’t sleep. I really mean this. stop laughing.

3. I love Campbells Chicken Noodle soup – and when I’m sick, I have to have it – or else I won’t eat anything. Campbells got me through many a flu, cold, virus and my bad gallbladder.

4. I have a deep and abiding fear of clowns – don’t like em. Never have. REmember poltergeist – well I had that nightmare when I was a little girl – way before speilberg made that movie – I think he stole my nightmare!!!

5. I have “sick” movies. Movies I have to watch when I’m sick – Princess Bride, You’ve Got Mail, Young Frankenstein. These make me feel much better. My DH knows this and makes sure they are available.

Ah, that’s it. I don’t know who to tag, so if you read this and want to do this, I hereby dub thee tagged!!!

On the house front – we are moving into the room – clothes are now in the closet, the shower has a shower curtin – glass doors will be a few more weeks. The bed is getting delivered Saturday and the inspections start tonight – our builder told us to just move in, since we are already living in the house – he says we are ok. We still need doorknobs and some window trim, but it’s mostly done. I can’t wait to sleep in our new bed saturday night!!! And I found curtains – we are going looking for bathroom mirrors, cabinet knobs and bathroom shades tonight – can you say cha-ching?? Who knew curtain rods were so – well, diverse??? It’s been awhile. The headboard will be another few weeks, but I’m prepared with bedskirt and mattress cover when the bed is delivered!! Then maybe our lives will settle down and we can get back to normal – for us!!

Oh, and there has been knitting – on a sock – who’d a thunk it???

Have a great weekend everyone!


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