Still Kickin Around


Thanks to you guys for wondering where I was – I’m sorry if I worried anyone. Here I am!!! I’m Ok. It’s just been hellaciously busy around chez construction zone. We are nearing what I hope is the end of the project and looking at moving into our new bedroom “sweet” hopefully by the end of this month. Most everything is done – we are just waiting on the completion of the bathroom and the wood floor has to be finished. The closet and trim should be done this week. Then the final inspections. Whew!

I’ve even been knitting some – I’m almost done with a Sophie bag for my sons gf and hopefully will be felting that this week. Then it’s on to a new project – what, I dunno, but hey, I think I’m heading in the right direction.

Hope all your Holidays were Happy and that the New Year brings many wonderful things to you all.

I even missed my own Blog-aversary – January 1st – doh!


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