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The House Construction is moving right a long. We have plumbing, rough electric, windows, insulation and an oak floor. Today, the siders are here and I’m hoping this view will be greatly improved by our nice new vinyl siding!!! The room is looking HUGE and I can’t wait till it’s done.

DH is recovering nicely from his gallbladder surgery – he really did bounce back fast!!! My youngest and I had a bought with some kind of stomach virus last week and we are still not right, but feeling better. And yesterday we woke up to nearly a foot of snow – Snowday! It was great!!!! Not a lot of knitting going on, but I’m hoping to get some time in on that this weekend – I did actually straighted up my knitting area by the couch, so things are nice and neat and easily findable. I’m really in need of more sweaters for myself and have totally given up any thoughts of holiday knitting – it’s been too nutty this year!!!

Hope you’re all keeping warm and busy!


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