This will be my Last….


Secret Pal event. Ha! Had ya thinking there, didn’t I. I don’t want to get to explicit, but suffice it to say, that I’m taking a break from SP after this -it’s time for a break.

Let me just clarify that to say that it’s not thru any fault of my pals on either end. I’m just a little taken aback by the nasty undertone that seems to be going on lately. NO, I’m not “little miss anonymous” and really don’t like to see arguments played out in public on the SP6 site. That’s all.

Have been knitting on the baby blanket that sucks up yarn at rapid rates, but does not grow. I think the stitches must be in knitting limbo somewhere. The DH is having his Gallbladder out next week – day before thanksgiving, so maybe I’ll get something done on it while waiting for him to come out of surgery. The home addition is booking along – at an amazingly fast rate – the thing is framed, sheathed and we are expecting the plumber to plumb on friday! Our oldest was just accepted to Rutgers AND received a four year Merit Scholarship – so it’s been hectic here.

And the weather is weirdly wacky – 74 today, to go down into the 30’s tonight – no wonder we are all sniffling and sneezing in this house. Now it’s pouring like a son of a gun out there. Yeesh.

So everyone else? You keep knitting – you have to pick up the slack for us slackers!


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