Fall is a Great Time for….


…..knitting! And motorcycle rides to look at fall foliage. Love Fall, it’s my favorite time of year – I always feel like a I want to hunker down and get to a million projects. Too bad reality gets in the way, LOL!!

****photo taken in Northwest NJ, Knowlton Township*****

I’ve been knitting away on the baby blanket from hell – it sucks up yarn like a frickin sponge. Too boring to post. And then I can get back to my cardy – which also seems like a big yarn soaker, but hopefully it will miraculously grow into something I can wear. I feel the need to finish things up, which means I may just take a break from the BBFH and finish my other cabled sock – so when it eventually gets cold – I mean really, it IS November and it’s 70 degress – I love nice weather, but allrighty already. Let’s get some chill on. Wanna wear some sweater and handknit socks.

DH is away for a long weekend with his brother – I’ve been waking up at ungodly hours since “falling back” and finally slept late this morning. Had my doctors follow up at the rheumatologist – definitley have Fibro, all the bloodtests came out fine and I have arthritis in my lower spine – no big surprise, since I’ve know about the herniated disc for awhile and just figured that was the natural progression. She upped the medication, which seems to be helping and I’ve got orders to ride the stationary bike every day – which really helps. But scrubbing the bath tub – my arms were on fire the next day – apparently, you have to be really careful about overdoing it with your muscles – ridiculous as it sounds, as unbelieveable as I thought it could be – it turns out to be true. I’ve been reading like a fiend – finished Yarn Harlot’s book – bravo! – in between tomes on fibro and I’m ready for something more entertaining. I have the James Frey book, but I hear it’s very emotional and I’m afraid to start it! I also have, on the nightstand, the Historian, but it’s sooooo BIG. Maybe I will take a trip to the LYS and Barnes and Noble today……it’s so weird to have a “free” Saturday. By free, I mean since the DH is away, I don’t have to worry about someone worrying about where I am all day!

I just want to say thank you for all the kind words, advice, and new friends that have come my way over the last month – your words and emails have helped so much.

Oh, and just to put the icing on the cake – DH gets to see the surgeon Thursday – apparently his gallbladder is kaput, and it must come out!!!!!! Now, it’s not my cooking – I actually did ask the doctor – he has the same thing I had this time last year – a non-functioning gallbladder. I think it’s just too weird that almost a year to the day that I had my woes with it, he’s got his. We really must be connected!!


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