Here it is….


Finally! As promised (shut up, I know it’s a day late) This here is the beautiful bag my SP5 Janin made for me – for me!!! And the gold Addi’s she sent me, too. The beautiful yarn she sent is currently in hiding – it doesn’t want to make any other yarn jealous. That blue swath is the bottom band of the cardy I’m working on. And the white swath is the baby blanket I’m working on. Whew! I did it. A pic of stuff that is knitting related. Holy Moly. And the blanket is sucking up yarn like you wouldn’t believe. Supposedly, this thing grow’s during blocking but how are you supposed to know exactly how much? I ask you??? It’s just a simple ripple (I like the way that sounds, say it with me, simple ripple) pattern, but it looks nice. And it’s worked with a double strand. Much easier on my mind than that feather and fan I tried – which BTW, I have done before and not screwed up.

I have to make a trip to the LYS – I know, everyone feel sorry for me – to get the finishing touches for my SP6 gift – Have to do that before the end of the week. I hate being behind on stuff. Not my usual MO, but it’s been where I’m at lately.

Saturday it rained like a MoFo, and we just had to go to Sam’s club and shop – bad, bad, bad thing to do. Then lunch at Lone Star. Bad, bad, bad thing to do. Sunday we went for a drive and took some photo’s of trains and fall foliage like things. I did take the knitting with me – notice how I slipped the word knitting into that paragraph. So knitting is still at least being thought of, if not done. I really need to get this blanket and cardy done. I’m cold. I need a blue cardy as that is what a lot of my wardrobe seems to match lately. DH had his HIDA scan today and we will hopefully know the state of his gallbladder by weeks end – it’s so weird this is happening to him almost exactly a year after my gallbladder went kaput.

We are getting some wicked weather in the next few days – of course, because our builder was to start Wednesday – so we will get a nor’easter, hurricane remenants and a tropical storm all at the same time. Not nearly the horror those poor people in cancun and florida had to contend with, I know. What is up with this horrible weather – I truely hope hurricane season ends fast – I don’t think anyone can take any more heartache in those areas. And they are talking a bit of snow in the higher elevations of NJ – can’t seem to wrap my foggy brain around that.

And let me just say one more thing. The person who said the most unbelieveable, inappropriate thing I have ever heard at work today – which I can’t quote unless I’m looking to get fired – I hope that someday, and I hear this happens – that things go full circle and bite you in the ass. Really. And that’s all I have to say bout that – cause I don’t want to get fired.

That’s it for now, going to get some knitting time in on the blanketthatissuckingupalltheyarn.


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