Stay Tuned…..


Wow, it’s been like ages!! Sorry Lynne – didn’t mean to worry anyone. I’ve been running around, my DH has been having some gallbladder issues we are trying to get straightened out. Seems like it’s a copy cat crime……hopefully we will know what is going to come of it soon. The house is back on track and we are getting ready to be…..IN DEBT. The builder starts next Week. And – I. have. been. knitting. Yes, I have. I am making a baby blanket and working on the bottom band of a cardy – yes, the same band, but hey, it’s going to be 45 inches long. That’s almost like a scarf. You wouldn’t make fun of someone who’s making a scarf and taking this long, so don’t go makin fun of me. And anyway, it’s like I’ve started two baby blankets because I ripped out the first one – feather and fan is not my friend. Nope. That blanket grew exponetially after the first row. Don’t know why. Didn’t care. Didn’t want to figure it out. Just ripped it out. Actually, just ripped it OFF. You know, that method of snipping the yarn and just taking what you knit already off the needles, and hiding it in a couch cushion? Yup. That’s what I did.

So, stay tuned tomorrow, because I’ve promised pictures of my SP gift and my WIP’s.

Same bat channel, same bat blog….


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