So, THAT”s why I’m such a dope?


Sorry, sorry, – I’ve know all three of my readers have been hanging on the edges of their chairs for my next blog entry – all I can say is, I finally have an explanation of why I’ve been so dopey lately.

The Rheumatologist has diagnosed moi with Fibromyalgia – hrumph!!!~ So, that really does explain a lot. The not being able to concentrate. The extreme fatique. The constant pain all over like I’m getting the flu, but not getting the flu. I’m almost done feeling sorry for myself. After all, I felt like I could take a week or so to just boo hoo myself silly, and then get pissed and do something about it. Well, I’m almost pissed. I’m a little too sore and achy to be totally pissed, but you wait and see, the next morning I wake up without being sore and achy – watch the hell out! Keep ya – all’s fingers crossed that the bloodwork (ewwwh) and xrays don’t show anything else – Saturn is in my house for the next two years, and it’s been beating the crap outta me so far.

On the knitting front ( oh I know, you’s were thinking I didn’t knit) I have started the Blue Ridge Jacket!!! It’s doesn’t look like much since, well, it’s just the bottom band, but as soon as I add some more of interest to it, I’m going to flood the hell outta the blog with pics. And, just when I needed the cheering up, I received the most wonderful, beautiful, creative gift from my SP5 – Hi Janin!!!! Will be taking a pic of all those goodies this weekend – so you’ll have to wait, but it’s worth waiting for!! Thanks Janin – you are the best!


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