Knitterly Post


Well, I wish I had a pic or two to show. But I don’t. I haven’t really knit on Margaux since last week. The back is done. The front is done up to the part where you split for the vneck, whilst continuing the sleeve decreases/pattern, whilst beginning the v-neck cable pattern.

I don’t have the brain power for this right now. I can’t count. Not in any recognizable order. Or, not in any kind of order. I can’t keep track of three different things right now. I’m having massive inabilities to concentrate very long on anything. I feel it’s best to wait till I have a huge block of time, to sit and just get thru this part. And really, it’s the last part to get thru. After this, the sweater just needs two side seams sewn and I think a little edging along the neck – this would take a reasonably sane, un-preoccupied person oh, a couple of hours. Me? 2 weeks. Really. I might as well go with the Money Pit (the movie) concept of time right now. Because, we are also waiting on new plans for the house. The architect did say “by the end of the week”. Is that also Money Pit time? Did he really mean a lot longer than that? And the septic repair guy? He also said “sometime this week” and, well, that was LAST WEEK. And most of this week – and…

there is still a hole in my front yard. Granted, it is not the huge hole that was there for the addition that shall not be named, but it is a hole of enough size to injure anyone who doesn’t know the hole is there. Now, you might be asking, well, if they don’t know the hole is there, why are they near the hole? Hey, you never know. WE know it’s there. And Me? I’m still working on the misguided thought that we can still get this “addition” moving along before the winter cold sets in. Which should be in about 2 weeks, according to the way things are going for us right now. After all, the Farmers Almanac says it’s going to be a Baaaad winter.

So, that’s the problem with the knitting. And the not being able to count in order to do the knitting. I guess I should just work on something that doesn’t need to be that involved, but I can’t even get myself to decide on that. See, the decision making part of me just isn’t working. I believe it may be on strike.


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