A Hole No More


I can’t just imagine the hits from that title – and I don’t care. The excavation is officially unexcavated as of yesterday. It took longer to fill the hole in, than it did for them to dig it out. All necessary individuals have been notified of our problem and have shown the appropriate amount of pity and sympathy for us poor little homeowners, who just wanted a bigger bedroom for crickies sakes. And Katrina has put all this in perspective for me. We have a home. We are safe. And my heart goes out to all those people right now. Kinda points out what’s real, what’s important.

I’ve been knitting on Margaux – if anyone else makes this, make sure you go to Berroco.com and get the pattern corrections for it – not so much for the back, because even I could figure out that was a mistake when I saw it, but for the front – there are a few corrections that will probably make a difference. It doesn’t look like I will be finished to wear it tomorrow for the 1st day back at school, but it will be done by next week. I also completed one sock. I’m just too lazy to go get my new camera and take a pic right now. Maybe later. I have been taking a lot of pics of nature, and posting them on my page over at Deviant Art – go check me out!!!!


And finally, Hi Jennifer over at Knitwit Momma!!! Hellooooooo, I’m your Secret Pal. I hope you’ve had fun – I know I have.

And thanks to everyone who expressed (much needed at the time) sympathy for us and our home building fiasco. It was greatly appreciated and if that’s the worst thing that happens – well, then things aren’t so bad.


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