So, this is why I can’t seem to knit…..


Can’t count. Can’t seem to concentrate. I am working on a sock, so there is some knitting going on around here.

What’s wrong, you didn’t ask?

Well, we broke ground for our bedroom addition Tuesday. Was a happy morning. All the excitement. The bulldozer, the digging, the dirt being moved to the sloping front lawn to un-slope it. The anticipation of being nearly done and calling the town to get the hole inspected so we can get concret in it ASAP.

Moving right along…..

to the builder standing at my front door saying – “WE HAVE A PROBLEM”. Now, here I am thinking, uh oh, they hit a huge rock and have to blast. Ok.


They hit the corner of our Septic Leach field, a field that isn’t even supposed to be THERE!!!! Now, I know whenever I hear the word “Septic” I can also smell it. Uh Huh. yup. you got it.
So, now, everything is at a stand still. There is a big gaping hole in our yard with pretty orange safety fence around it. We have a Septic “whisperer” coming saturday to locate the whole system, so we know for sure that we can’t build where we planned, where we had the architect draw the drawings that we paid the money for. Which the town reveiwed and approved and issued the permits for. Oh and did I mention the windows are ON THE WAY? Oh, yes, they are coming specially made for us. Yessireee. Now, just a little background. I did go to the health dept, the town offices to try to get a septic plan for our property – no one had it, we never had it. Everyone was under the impression from the home inspection of where the septic was.

They were wrong. So, so, wrong. Apparently from the looks of it something was changed at somepoint without a record of it.

So, I can’t count. I can’t knit lace. I can’t even dial the phone. It looks like we will be back to square one after saturday, unless something miraculous happens. And we are thinking that miracles are reserved for those who really need em, not for us poor building smucks!!



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