Is it happening to YOU, too??


Ok, so far I’ve heard from at least 4 other Blogger bloggers that they’ve gotten the same type of spam as I, last week. I am really wishing someone from, say, typepad, or another blogger service would say they too have had the problem, because I’m getting nervous that it’s a Blogger/Blogspot issue. And that makes me a little, oh, concerned. I did email Blogspot support and got a generic response from them.

So, Anyone?

I don’t want to get into the, well, it’s a free service, blah blah blah discussion, because well, it just seems like somehow a Blogger list is out there and that’s what we all seem to have in common – so far. Nothing acusatory here, just wondering what the deal is? Would it change things if you PAID for your blog? I paid for Haloscan, and so far, so good. And it’s seems like caring, interested blog spam. Complementary, even.

I realize this may be a naive inquiry, but really, I would love the hear what all you with more internet savvy think?


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