Close Up! Now, I also received the Peacock feathers shawl pattern and yarn yesterday, but I have Kiri on the start annnnndddd the diamond fantasy shawl. Who knew I would have two lace projects going at one time, contemplating a third? Not be, no sireee.

On the spamming front – as you may have noticed, almost as soon as I made my request that spammers be more personal about their spamming habits, I received more, truely personal spam! Who ever said you don’t get what you ask for? Well, then I said, great, now I’m going to get personal spam, which a first glance seemed more tolerable, but really, not so much. So that’s when Haloscan came in. Hopefully, even if I get more spam – it can’t be secretive spam. And I hear I can block and moderate. I don’t know if I have the time for blocking and moderating, but maybe this will be a deterrant. It seems that I’m not the only blogger using BLOGGER that has gotten this spam, incidentally. I wonder if a holla out to Blogger to inform them of this is in order – or useless, ineffective typing on my part? Anyone? Bueller? Any other Blogger bloggers out there getting this stuff? It would be completely ridiculous with the teeny tiny amount of comments I get, to shut off commenting – I like comments, I get all goosebumpy when my fellow knit blogger friends, non-knit blogging friends and family make comments – and I would hate to have to block comments.

Well, better get moving my arse today – I have a cake to bake – DH’s belated birthday cake – he had a cake but this one will be the homemade version – and homemade pizza dough to throw together – it’s not only FO Friday, but Fat ON Friday. It’s been a heck of a week for him, and any little thing I can do to make him forget his troubles is well worth it.

Happy Friday, whatever kind you have!


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