I been Spammed!!!


I guess I’ve entered the ranks of the real bloggers now – I was spammed!!! It happened so fast, I almost didn’t know it. And blogger’s email notification systems is sooooo good,(uh, never got that email notification, just saying) I just happened to see an extra comment and discovered this long, long comment on politics, economics etc.!!! Wow!!! I don’t quite know how I feel about this. I do know I don’t want anymore, but hey, I do like comments, so perhaps if the spammer left his/her spam, and then at the end say “oh, BTW, nice shawl” or something like that – I might not mind too much. This is where I think spammers go wrong. They are so into their message, advertising, they are so unfeeling. It’s all about them. And maybe that’s why we get so mad at them – they don’t show much interest in US. The knitting. That’s the important thing. The kids dissing us. The DH’s just forever looking for the perfect knitting gift to get us. Or jewelry – that’s always good, too. Spammers, you need to care about your spammee’s some more.

I just want to say, to all my nice commenters out there – Thank you. You have made the effort to be nice to me, about my knitting. And haven’t used me for any other purposes than sharing the knitting and knitting friendships.


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