Yep. That’s me. Id-jut. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I am this close to finishing the Leaf Lace Shawl – can you say, second to last row. And guess what.

I. Ran. OUT. OF. YARN!!!

Yep. Me. who always has too much yarn. (well, really, is there ever TOO much yarn? No. I didn’t think so). I ran out of yarn. Right the hell out. Really. Looked around the room – like people were watching me and playing some pratical joke –

Them: “watch, she’s noticing she doesn’t have enough yarn” snicker

Me: Frantically getting up, looking around where I was sitting, checking the couch cushions

Them: “lookit, lookit, she’s freakin out now” snivelling laughter

Me: “crap, crap, crapity, crap!!! I’m out of yarn! I’m really out of yarn!

Them: “should we give it back?”

Them again: “nah, let’s watch her make that phone call to Canada and order more yarn and beg for the same dye lot” Hysterical laughter heard all around the knitting world.

Me: ” hi, I ordered some wonderful yarn from you like 3 weeks ago and now I’m begging you please, please, please I need more (sounding like a crack head)

Nice Yarn People: ” oh ok, well, we will send that out right away and it’s looks like we probably have the same dye lot, but I’ll double check”

Me: “yay!!!!”

Stupid Them: “great, she’s getting more yarn and now we have to hide the stuff we took – that didn’t work out the way we thought” Hrumphing all around.

Well, as you probably figured out, there is no “Them”, but if there was I would have chased them down and kicked their as* for stealing my last little bit of yarn. This is the first time I have ever done this. I don’t know what went wrong. Was it gauge? Don’t know. Did I loosen up my knitting? don’t know. Did I do any extra repeats – now this I do know, and I didn’t. It’s must one of those knitting mysteries and as long as I get a close enough match, it will be our little secret.

So much for FO Friday. Unless you call it Freak Out Friday. Then that would be me.

Good news – I don’t seem to have arthur-itis in my hip.

Bad news – I still have to go to the specialist to see what I actually do have. Poop.

Good news – it’s the weekend and I love weekends.

Bad news – it’s going to be hot, hot, hot.

Good news – we have a pool, a blender and mud slide mix.

Nuff said!


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