I have such nice friends! And Macro doesn’t do a good job on my camera. Neither does zoom. Hence the not so good pic of this really neat pin my friend Sheila sent me, artistically placed on the lovely scarf my friend Maryann made me for my birthday!!!! Thanks to both of you’s for thinking of me, love ya’s!!! This was the best pic I could get – and it was finally taken in self portrait mode. Love my camera, but really would love, love, love to know how to get good closeup shots.

I’ve been busy knitting away on Leaf Lace Shawl. I have 5 more repeats to go before the edging. And I’ve been better about having to tink. The trick, I think, is complete silence and solitiude from any distractions – kids, movies I haven’t seen before, talking on the phone, etc. Then it seems like I actually pay attention to the pattern – how about that? I also, after visiting the Summer of Lace group, broke down and order the Peacock Feathers shawl, in Blueberry, from Fiddlesticks knitting. I actually called, and their machine picked up, so I left a message, not thinking I would get a call back so fast – within 20 minutes they called back, ordered was placed and was shipping yesterday – how’s that for service!!! Meanwhile, I’m still waiting on my backordered Berroco booklet #234, for three weeks now. Have the yarn for the tank, but no pattern. I wanted to make it to wear for the beginning of school, but it’s not looking good. I figure if I put that complaint in writing, it will arrive in the mail today. I figure, why not have 20 things on needles at the same time – makes a good excuse for having so many knitting needles, doesn’t it?

It’s supposed to be humid again. I say supposed to be, because, yes it is hotter and yes it is cloudy and overcast the last few days – but the humidity isn’t so bad until you go into town. Which I manage to do in the AC of my car, so really it’s not bad. It’s been going in the the high 60’s at night, which is nice, too. This summer has been so bad, judging by the algae I cannot get rid of in our pool, compared to last summer. Hopefully, the new pool filter we put on last night will help – yes, I know it’s almost the end of the swimming season, but I think we have at least another month of swimming if this heat keeps up.

Wish me luck with the building permits tonight – didn’t get them monday night due to some stupid computer problem – I would love to call the builder tomorrow and tell him we are officially permitted to build!!! Yay new bedroom!!!


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