spinning round


Lacey Goodness….New spindle with tops from Halcyon – spinning up some laceweight and it’s looking good to me….wait, what’s that next to the spindle?????

Blocking Beauty!!! Why it’s the Pacific Northwest Shawl, all done and blocking on the only surface available – our bed! Here are the details.

Pacific Northwest Shawl by Fiber Trends
Started: July 7, 2005
Yarn: Lanett superwash, bought 6 skeins, used about 5.5
Finished August 2, 2005

This was wonderful to knit, the pattern was flawless – I used the written directions but it came with charted also. Sometimes my eyes, they don’t wanna listen to me when it comes to charts. I actually finished the body of the shawl on July 22nd, but took my time with the i-cord edging. The only tip I would offer is the same that Beth, from the Summer of Lace board offered me – knit the I-cord edging very loose, not kidding, or you will indeed end up ripping and re-knitting it – mine was almost just right and I wasn’t worried about the slight tightness I had at the one edge.

I think this is the week of FO’s for me – I am almost done with the lacey garter shawl out of Fiesta rayon/boucle – that was my travel knitting, but now I just want it done. Don’t know what’s up next – I have Kiri on the needles but if it gets hot again, which they say it is going to do, I won’t knit that as it’s too sticky with the KSH already.

Have a great day!

Kennebunk Beach. Unfortunately I’m a little backwards today and would have rather this pic be at the end of my posts, but no. You have this shot first, which was actually the last day of our visit in Maine – we took a very early morning trip to Kennebunk Beach and just walked around, collected some shells and beach glass and enjoyed the ocean. I love the ocean. Miss it. The sun was trying to come out, the clouds were insistant. We did have a downpour later on while on the motorcycles and had to stop to put on raingear, but no biggie. (pssst…if you click to make it bigger, the dude walking along the shore is my DH…)

Looky Here…click it to make it bigger and you will see that I was lucky to be brought, on the Harley, to Halcyon!!!! Yeehaa. And my friend, Kyle, who was our cycle buddy, was in awe. really. She is the perfect shopping companion too, as she spent nearly as much as I did. My purchases were small, of course, being motorcycle space restricted – but not really, as I could have had things shipped home. I ended up getting a pretty, pretty high whorl spindle, some top, a Kumihimo book, a sock calculator chart. I actually did some knitting this trip, started a sock, but neglected to take a pic of it, which was one thing I wanted to do. Oh well, pics of the sock, the purchases will be posted later, as I’ve been up since 5:15 and I really don’t want to get off my ass right now.

Mt. Washington Cog and Observatory – we all woke up on Thursday morning and after much threatening from the guys about if it was clear and the summit was out of the clouds, we have no choice but to go up the auto road on the motorcycles. Uh. Ok. Well, it was the clearest day I had ever seen up there and of course, we headed up. Me. Afraid of heights. I was pretty good till……..

Mt. Washington Auto Road, like I said, I was pretty good until this. No guard rail. No nothin. Very high. But beautiful. Got a little nauseous. Ok, who am I kidding, got A LOT nauseous. But it was worth it. We even had a tour of the Observatory which was very interesting, and the guys went up to the tower, while Kyle and I sat in the weather equipment room and just vegged. I couldn’t climb anymore steep ladders. We also visited a few lighthouses – well, one lighthouse, Pemequid, which was very nice and another on the Marginal Way in Ongonquit, which in my opionion had a lot of nerve claiming lighthouse status – my shed is bigger. We had lots of seafood, steak, and food goodness, tons of neat roads to travel, great scenery. I had a great birthday and the whole trip was just relaxing and fun. We got to hang out with the CT Red Knights, who are a hoot, loved spending time with you guys. Good bunch of people. We even managed to avoid all the bad weather that stood in our way all the way up there on Wednesday, and only had rain on Sunday – can’t complain about that. Have to say, tho, the trolley system in Wells, good idea, but why all the trips through shopping center parking lots? Did I miss something?? What a hoot!!


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