An Apple A Day My Butt!!


Good news – with a little prednisone and a new handy,dandy inhaler, I should get the asthma under control. Yay medicine.

Bad news – I may have arthur-itis and/or Fibromyalgia. Booo. Don’t want it. Don’t need it. Hate the idea of it. I’m a bit bummed out. Will need to go for an xray of my hip and then go see a rheumatologist. Bleech. This is not what I wanted for my 43rd birthday. I was thinking a nice dinner, a few little gifts. I’m just not thinking I want to start out my next year with annoying health problems. I know it could be worse, don’t get me wrong. But a little bit of whinning is ok, now, isn’t it????

I have about three more shell repeats and the PNW Shawl will be complete. Can’t wait. It’s just so hot and am all hepped up on prednisone and arbuterol, that I haven’t picked it up. Plus, it’s hot. Now, that’s a change isn’t it? Being hot out? Really, someone turned up the dial and just walked away, is what I’m thinking. But it could be worse. Much, much worse. At least I have Trash cans. Poor Crazy Aunt Purl. I swear.

Must go get my sock yarn and needles to put in my motorcycle saddle bag – I’ve left enough room for sockage, and I’m really looking forward to taking pic’s of sock on the trip. In true Harlot fashion, of course.


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