Traveling Lace Numba Two


My second attempt. Really, the green yarn was killing, killing my hands, and I just wasn’t liking it. It really is better suited to socks and that is what it shall be, someday. So I decided to use my Shaefer Anne yarn. Good idea? Yes? Well, until it met the ballwinderfromhell. That’s right. BALLWINDERFROMHELL!!! Now, don’t get me wrong. I do love my Fricke/whatevernameitisnow ballwinder. Love, love LOVE it. But today, well, today, my friends, I must have pissed off the ballwinder gods somewhere. Because this ballwinder – well, what it did to this yarn is just unspeakable. How in the hell can it take over an hour to wind, and wind, and then break (yup, no choice) and wind the rest of this yarn? First, it started winding perfectly ok. Then it started what looked like a “secondary” ball beneath the first “primary” ball of yarn. I thought, Humph, that’s odd. Then the yarn cemented itself to the ballwinder. Yes. It would not come off. It was so tight, I had to get out my plastic small ballwinder and wind the yarn from one ballwinder to the other, where it proceded to develop – on the plastic ball winder – a growth at the very top of the ball??? What the heck??? Then, when it came off that ball winder it kinda turned itself inside out and twisted a bit. Mind you, I still hadn’t trasferred all the yarn from the big ball winder. Are you getting a picture yet. There was yarn on two ballwinders and I held a bit in one hand, while trying to get this all sorted out. Take the ball with the odd looking growth on top off the plastic ballwinder. Start rewinding again – this is getting good. Big ole goobers of knots now develop – did you ever doubt it? Finally, after only having to break the yarn once – yes, once and it broke my heart as there was not a single damn knot it this beautiful skein of yarn. I could have knit from one end to the other without one weaving of one damn end of yarn. But here, you have the pic of that yarn, and I’m really liking the look and effect of it on this lace pattern. Much better than the green. This I will keep. For me – come on, I fought for it. I deserve something. Really. It’s hot as hell and I’m fighting with not one, but TWO ballwinders and a 560 yard hank of yarn. In the basement. Which should have been cooler – but it wasn’t.

It was 72 degrees out side when I went to bed last night. It was 71 when I woke up this morning. This ain’t right. So, I get the bathing suit on. I go take the solar cover off the pool – I go scrub some stuff off the pool bottom – what a pretty shade of green it is now. Lovely. Just lovely. What the hell else can get screwed up today?? On the bright side, I got up this morning, threw some clothes on, didn’t even have coffee – the sacrifices I make – and head on down to Shopright – yup the grocery store – and pick up a copy of the new Harry Potter before my son can even get out of bed and ask when we are going to go get a copy of the new Harry Potter! But, why, when I do something so nice, so good-motherly, why was I punished with the yarn/ballwinder episode? And the green pool? Did I upset the book universe by getting our copy in the grocery store? Was it the 4 dollar discount I also received when purchasing it? What? WHAT??


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