Travelling Vines Scarf


Great Lace pattern….thanks to Cari, I started this Traveling Vines Scarf, using some laceweight yarn I bought awhile ago from Over the Rainbow yarns on Ebay. Not a very soft yarn right now, but I’m hoping after washing and blocking it will soften up a bit. It’s a great little pattern and I’m working on this and the PNW shawl – trying to stick small gift projects in between the bigger lace projects so I’m not bored and I get some gifts put aside for the holidays/birthday rush. Check out Cari’s web page and pattern – they are great!

Baby Blanket Blockage

Baby Blanket is now blocking and hopefully will be dry by Monday, so DH can bring it into work for the new parents to be – they leave for China sometime next week. This was a long knit, but satisfying since I think it came out pretty nice. And I just have to weave in the ends and put a button on the baby kimono – that’s all folks! It’s hot as heck here, and I’m tired of the heat – you can’t even move around without breaking into a sweat – yuck. I like summer as long as there is ready access to AC – which we only have in our bedroom. And we usually are quite a few degree’s cooler up here on the mountain, than down in the valley, but when it’s this hot, it just doesn’t matter. Oldest DS left for his trip to Ohio with his GF’s family – I think I will be a nervous wreck for the next ten days, but the letting go has to start, I guess. My youngest and I alternate doing something outside with picking a movie on demand that we missed in the theatre’s – yesterday was Elektra and todays feature presentation is Lemoney Snickett.


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