Knitting Six Feet Under


I may be a little slow to the gate, but I’m just catching up on one of my fav show’s – Six Feet Under. I had noticed Ruth knitting in a episode recently, but in number 55, she at Unwind, and just leaving her knitting class! How cool is that? Well, apparently I think it is very cool indeed. I love when I see knitting on TV. Even the opening “death” scene had a pic of an elderly womans knitting basket. Check it out if you have On Demand – #55.

Migraine Free Today…ssshhhh

Thanks to you all for the welcome back, compliments on the stashquisitions and sympathy with the migraines. Today, no migraine. I am hoping for the best. I went out yesterday and bought new pillows and a new memory foam mattress pad, and slept very well. I think that may have been part of the problem. I don’t know about any of you other migraine sufferers out there, but now, I can’t even cry a little bit without sending myself right into a migraine. And with the stress level so high around here lately and with my tendency to cry when I’m angry (go figure), well, there ya go. The oldest was at his GF all day yesterday, so maybe that gave us all the needed break to recoup. Plus the heat just doesn’t help. And does anyone else get the smell thing? Used to be, I would get a visual aura before a migraine and could head it off at the pass with coffee, then I didn’t get them for a long, long time, then boom, I get these smells. Most time, it’s a chemical smell (spray paint like) but this last time, it was like a gamey, animal smell. And I still don’t get it. I ask everyone “do you smell this”? And by the time I’m done decribing the smell, they usually say yes, just to shut me the hell up, so I don’t get off my ass and take my meds, cause I’m thinking – can’t be a migraine, THEY smell it too – and wammo! Migraine.

I never said I was too bright.

Now, I did a few rows yesterday on the PNW shawl, but just couldn’t concentrate on it, so started the edging for the baby shawl. And that’s pretty mindless -right up my alley, so to speak. I’ve been catching up on all the news we missed – I feel so badly for all the people in London who are going through this terror. What a feeling of helplessness. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Today is submitting permits for the new addition day – I think. They don’t tell you much of how to go about this, so I’m imagining it’s a hand em the paper, the money and leave till they call you back with all your mistakes deal.

It looks like Stella lost her grove again….


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