Pacific Northwest Shawl


PNW Shawl knitting with Lanett superwash Merino. This is going really well – don’t want to say how well, because every damn time I do, I end up tinking a few rows, just to show me who’s boss. Now, get ready for a pic heavy post of my “Va – cation” which was very yarny, indeed.

Pattern – cation

Pattern – cation – just a few of the patterns I picked up – notice the Charlottes web in there? Yup, I caved. Picked out some really pretty purples in Koigu – I’m still fondly remembering that Patterworks trip – no kids, no waiting hubby’s in the car. Leisurely shopping and I only left one thing behind. What more can you ask for in a shopping spree?

Book – cation

Book – cation – I think two books up and walked away – probably hiding out in the camper somewhere, since I bought them early and read them – Knitting (a novel) and Knitting Heaven and Earth. The above are more technical reading – and those Debbie Bliss books were 30% off at the Knitting Studio in VT – I had seen them the day before at Patternworks, put them down, and low and behold I was able to get them on sale!!! I feel like a very accomplished fiber shopper. That 4th Treasury of knitting was 5o% off at Patternworks – I couldn’t not get it, could I???

Tank top Kit – Bad pic, I know, but we know why I won’t go and make a better one – too tired from shopping.

Yarn-cation – this is my haul from Green Mt. Spinnery, Patternworks, Grand View Country Store, The Knitting Studio and Busy Hands Yarn Shop. Plus the Lanett for the PNW Shawl pictured above. And the basket is a Lantern Moon rice basket I scored at Grand View – had to get it, been eyeing them for months, resisting and finally, I couldn’t hold out anymore.

Spin-cation – Just in case you think all I did was shop, shop, shop, this is not true. I also did quite a bit of knitting, reading and spinning. I really acomplished a lot and I think I met all my knitteryly goals on this trip – it sure came in handy with all the stress our oldest put us under – are 17 yr olds ever right again? More importantly, are there any surviors? My DH and I feel like we’ve been beat up – we’re talking constant sulking, misery and downright parent bashing for forcing him on vacation? I guess if that is the worst thing we do to him, he’s got it made, huh? But the knitting sure helps to relieve the stress and aggravation that goes along with teen angst. I swear, teenagers can be worse then a pre- mentalpausal woman – and that is directly out of my own mouth.

Kimono & Baby Shawl – ok so I lied. I mostly finished these things – I didn’t do the edging on the shawl yet, because frankly – what the hell does slip stitch to the edge of the blanket whilst knitting said edging mean? I didn’t bring the whole book with me, so I needed to wait till home to figure out this mystery – anyone out there wanna ‘splain it to the idiot? Please? The Kimono is #2 for me from IK and the blanket is from Debbie Bliss’ Special Knits. And this is a gawd-awful pic, but sorry, I’m a little tired from all the shopping.

Go With The Flow Socks – They are wild and funky – I think I would definitely make these again but with a solid yarn – I did know what I was doing when I picked the Lorna’s Laces – I wanted a varigated sock. Really. But it does take away from the neat lace pattern a bit. All in all, I like them and only broke one DP while knitting them – nope, I didn’t sit on it, just had it clutched in my hand, while using same hand to hoist my petard out of the chair I was sitting in – and “snap” was heard ’round the campsite. Good thing it was a set of 4, because I would have been really, really pissed at myself.

And now it is hotter than hell at nearly 9 am in the morning, I’ve been graced with my third, yes THIRD migraine in less than a week, thankyouverymuch for Zomig, and I have a veritable mountain of warsh to wade though. But first things first – must. post. on. blog. Must not disappoint my loyal 5 readers – thanks for reading, and I know I will be understood for my sheer indulgence with the yarn and yarn objects. Oh, and I did forget to take pic’s of the Yarn meter (so very, very cool especially if you spin your own yarn), the antique yarn winder my DH bought me, and the electronic row counter I had to get. You get the idea. They are great things, but not nearly as pretty as yarn pictures.


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