I Want…


To make this…..From Fiddlesticks Knitting. I think I will wait and see after I get back from vacation – you know, the trip to Patternworks and Grand View Country Store. I am a teeny bit upset with the Grand View again. I ‘ve been going there for like 20 years and buying A LOT of yarn every time, and not just once per trip. And I usually bring my MIL with me so she buys a lot too. And she always gets her birthday discount coupon and I NEVER DO. The last few years I’ve told them I never get it and last year they were nice enough to extend the discount to me. But I’m perplexed as to why my MIL gets it and I don’t, and I’m thinking it’s because our last names are the same and they figure we are the same person???? I don’t know. But it’s kinda ticking me off. Now they came out with a little blurb in their last news letter to the tune of “if you spend a 100 dollars at the shop in one year, you’ll get a birthday coupon for the following year” Well, I’ve certainly done that. Ok, that’s enough whining about not getting my yarn discount.

I’ve made a lot of progress on the baby kimono – but have been doing that in between loads of warsh and camper readying. And I’ve been thinking on what the “spiritual advisor” told me the other night ( a gift reading from the teacher I work with) and I didn’t make my doctors appointment yesterday like she said I wouldn’t. I got a little pissed at that too. She told me I nagged my oldest. Now, this I think she may have gotten wrong. He nags me. Honest to pete. He does. He wants to go away with his GF family on a trip. I told him I’d talk to his Dad. That was last night at 11pm. This morning at 8am – did you talk to dad yet? honestly. Who’s nagging who here?????? I am way too busy trying to figure out my camping knitting projects to nag my kids right now. I know a baby blanket is on the schedule. And the other Go with the Flo sock. But then what? Bring the rest of NBaT? Kiri? I don’t want to start any other tops for myself since I’m still losing weight and don’t want any more huge tops like Soliel. I usually finish those unfinished things laying around on vacation and come home with a huge feeling of accomplishment – and more yarn. Have to keep the balance in the yarn universe, ya know.

Anyone have any leads on yarn shops in the North Conway, Lincoln, New Hampshire area – send them my way!! I think I read somewhere that there is a shop in Conway or North Conway but I can’t find that post!!! Help???


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