Knitting but no Pics


I’ve finished the scarf for sale and it was well received. Did a little spinning demonstration for a Mommies Club at Leah’s Alpaca Farm and even had the chance to see a beautiful, 2 day old Alpaca! And if you knit your Soliel with green yarn, don’t wear it around Pygmy goats – they like to try to eat it!!! Now I’m working on another Baby Kimono and Blanket for a gift, and mostly day dreaming of writing my own lace stole pattern – after all it’s IS the Summer Of Lace. I just get all disoriented when I try to create my own pattern’s and think I’m not “creative” enough to do it – in other words, I sabotage myself before I actually start. But I’m kicking it around, messed around with a scarf of sorts with the leftover FBS yarn and will keep thinking on it while waiting for my Treasury of Knitting and Second Treasury of Knitting to arrive – hopefully before vacation.

Today is get the warsh done or you’re gonna pay for it later, day. All those sleeping bags, liners and bedding hanging out on the line actually make me feel like I’ve done something.

Need to get the first of my packages out to my SP, just collecting the last little bits and hopefully will mail it out to the far and wide, wide, world in the next day or two. Totally ate my way through the last day and have gotten back on track, but why???? Who knows – I’m just glad I pulled the reins in before it turned into a real eating extravaganza.

Oh and here’s another tip – when you’re hefting your spinning wheel out of the back of your car – don’t get all hercules like and lift it up so fast, that you snag a thread on your SOLIEL. break it, and pull about two feet of broken thread through the whole top!!!! Now, I wasn’t really happy with it, since it seems huge now, but I didn’t exactly want to ruin it. I did plan on knitting another, but this just sucks big time. Suckity.


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