And The Crap Keeps Piling Up!


Thanks for all your crapfabulous comments on my Babycrap sweater!!! I’m really liking it now. So, I decided, why not add to the crap? So, here are some of the cutest little crappy baby socks I’ve ever done! And did you all know about this site???? It’s the biggest collection of sock patterns I’ve ever seen. And I just stumbled on it by looking for “dk baby booties”. It has a ton of patterns and you can sort them by yarn type, alpha etc. Very neat indeed. Now I’m back on those “Go with the flow Socks”. My DS had the quickest Orthodontist visit on record yesterday – I came prepared to KIP (I know a few days late, but hey, I did it) and barely had gotten into the heel turning operation, when boom, he’s done. I mean he was in there for less than 5 minutes. Kinda disappointing, since I came all prepared and all to do the knitting. I thought I would at least start and finish The turning of The heel. I thought wrong. Good news is, he wore his retainers enough to quailify for the “every other night” wearing regime. And since he left the little suckers in my car – I guess tonight would be “the other night”. It sure beats the time he woke up yelling – I think I ATE MY RETAINER!!!!! No joke, this kid has such a small mouth that his bottom retainer is like the size of a LIFESAVER. And he had a dream that he was eating something crunchy. Hence thinking he ate the retainer. Well, after a few phone calls – who likes to look like a horses ass of a mother – I do! I was told he couldn’t possibly have swallowed it. Well, la, de, frickin la, they were right because we did find it nestled under the rug by his bed. I don’t even know how it got there. I wasn’t even going to try to figure it out. Because I would have to end up giving myself a brain hemmorage if I do that.

I’d like to say – I have kids, therefore I knit. It’s my meditation. With tangible results. Really, what other type of meditive activity can you do that actually has an FO to show for it???

Alpaca Yarn and My New Venture…

Really, I meant to leave my foot in there for scale purposes. So take your pick – either those skeins are Ginormous, or my foot is tee tiny. (just so you know, if you want to be my friend, you best think my foot is tee tiny) This is yarn from my new friend, Leah, the Alpaca Woman. We are going in on a little “venture” together. Where I knit her things to show in her Alpaca shop, and she pays me to do it. Now, I have to decide what I want to get paid. And I have no, earthly idea. Good business sense you say? No, I have no sense at all. Actually, I do pride myself on having common sense most days, but the hormones seem to interfer with the common sense. Any who, she provides the yarn. I think I’m knitting up a scarfy type object. And I do have enough sense to keep track of the time I work on it. But whats the going rate for us venture-ers?? Keep in mind I don’t want to alienate my new friend. Or sell myself short. And I get to do a spinning demo on Monday for a group she has coming in to see her alpacas. Neat O.

A whole POUND of the softest, most chocolatey brown (no, it’s not crap colored, so stop it) Alpaca roving!!! Mine, mine, all mine. Oh alright, I might share it eventually, but for right now, it’s mine. From the wonderful Leah, who has the prettiest alpacas!


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