Happy Dance!


With all that is holy – it. is. friday. I don’t know if it was the very warm weather we had two days ago, or the “normal” cooler weather we have now, but yesterday made it seem like the longest week ever. 19 days of school left. I’m going to start counting hours soon. I haven’t been getting much done on the knitting front – and I’m working on a baby sweater that is a “quick” knit??? How does this happen – you knit something small and it takes you FOREVER??? I don’t get it. But it’s Friday. FRIDAY!!! The best damn day of the week. Hopefully, more spinning this weekend, finishing the little tee tiny sweater and back to the FRONT of NBaT – I am jonesing for another cardy knit. I think the blue ridge jacket is next. Oh and I’d really like to try the IK Flower Basket Shawl – but I’m a-scared. It’s a lace pattern – does anyone have any good tips on lace knitting? Good reference books that teach you all the in’s and out’s? How to read those charts? Anyone? Bueller?

I see my hit counter going up – thanks for all those who are looking at the blog and reading it – don’t be shy – leave a comment! It makes me feel like a star. And I am so. not. a. STAR!


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