Chicken Knittle


Poor Little girl. The other hens won’t play nice with this one, so she hangs out on our small porch, crapping in my clothespin bag. I think she really wanted to sidle up to me on the deck and check out the sock I was knitting, but she was too shy.

Spent some time sewing the Baby sweater, aka babycrap sweater today. It’s really lovely yarn, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, but a teacher at school saw me knitting on it one day and had to make a comment on how the color – which I thought was a nice, muted yellow, reminded her of Baby Crap. Now, I cannot look at it the same way. I did take pictures, but I’m not happy with them, so will retake and post tomorrow.

Spent some time knitting on the Go with the Flow socks – only did 15 repeats out of the twenty they recommended. It was already long enough. Now I’m into the heel flap. Hopefully, I will have them done in the next week. Slow going, the knitting is, when it’s this hot out.

Wow, this post was full of crap.


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