It’s FRIDAY – not just any friday. But last day of school for me till september FRIDAY!!! I wish I could find a little animated graphic of Snoopy doing the happy dance, because that belongs right here on my post. I am so, abso-frickin-lutely happy! I know, if you were a parent of a kid in my class you’d be all like, hrumphed! But it has been a long year. Maybe I’m just getting too old for the physicalness, maybe my hormones made it more difficult, maybe I’m heading into mentalpause and things are just going to be like this – maybe my own kids gave me a run for my money, too. But it’s almost over. And I’m going to enjoy my time off, re-energize and be good as new (and skinnier too -10 pounds off since May 9th) by september!!!

It has been so stinkin hot here this week and we do not have ac, that not much knitting has happened. I did finish the baby sweater and will seam it up this weekend. Just bought tickets to go see Kevin James (King of Queens) for June 23rd!! Trying to get the pool to clear so it’s ready for us to enjoy. Still waiting on the contractor to , well, send us the darn contract to sign for the Master bedroom Addition. Another, different teacher called yesterday to say DS2 is failing Career explorations – it’s amazing what keeps you up at 1:30 in the morning. I am looking for recommendations on books right now on how to get your teenager organized (study skills) because that’s the issue. And I’ve looked at some learning centers, but I’d like to read up on stuff first. So, bloggers, help me out. Please. He gets the homework. He understands what to do. He does it sometimes, then he loses it(?) or forgets to hand it in. Organization. Thats what we need. Oy.

It’s going to be a quick day – and we have early dismissal. Thinking of a trip to Barnes & Noble – for that school stuff, the AC and of course I would have to look at the knitting books. what kind of knitter would I be if I didn’t? Since Waldenbooks took away my discount card it doesn’t really keep me interested in patronizing them anymore – I would actually go there because I had 10 percent off, rather than order off Amazon. Well, now they are not making it real appealing – took the cards away saying they were going to discount their books anyway – and I haven’t seen a discounted book yet. (mini rant, sorry)

Have a great Friday everyone (insert another snoopy happy dance here)


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