Hit Me With Your Best Sock


Go with the flow socks. In Lorna’s Laces – I’m not happy about the yellow pooling I’ve got going on, but I do love the pattern – IK summer 2005. Remember that Pat Benatar Song “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”? Swear to all that is funny, I had a friend who used to sing that loudly, at the top of her lungs, cept she thought the words were “hit me with your WET SOCK”!!! I’m not kidding. She was like 21. And truely thought those were the words to that song. LMAO everytime I think of it and I always think of it when I knit socks.

We had a little power outtage this morning – no biggie as it was nice and sunny out. And a good excuse to stay in your jammies longer. But alas, power is back, showers are taken, day is moving on.

Flower Basket Shawl

Flower Basket Shawl – or things I’ve learned about myself in the last 24 hours.

1 – when you say you’re only going to have two glasses of wine – mulitples of two are not the same.

2 – why would I even think about knitting lace with a hangover?

3 – and consequently, why would I be so frickin shocked when I have to rip back rows due to the muliple of two thing going on – too many stitches, too little stitches – it’s all the same when you get the wrong amount.

Strangely enough, the few mistakes I did make, I did catch pretty fast, so not much ground was lost. I’m on the 4th repeat and taking my time – when I have a chunk of time to sit and knit one repeat, that’s when I do it. I don’t like leaving it in between things.

Hope everyone out there in blogland is enjoying their weekend!

Update: for those inquiring minds, FBS yarn is Jaggerspun Zephyr and I believe the color is Ruby – merino wool and tussah silk blend.


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