Knitting Has been done


I’m still here and knitting. Haven’t had time to take pictures all week – it’s that time of year when all manner of crap hit’s the fan. Nothing too terribly bad, just busy stuff. On the brighter side, there are only 14 more days of school left!!!

I’ve had another episode of extreme clumsiness, that almost always accompanies the suckiest time of the month for me. I walked right into the hall table that sits outside out bedroom – it’s been there for, like, oh, maybe FOREVER, but now I’m sporting a nifty, gashy looking bruise on my upper left thigh. It’s the lastest and everyone should have one, I think. Also, Friday morning whilst drying my hair, which I do and have done for MOST OF MY LIFE, I decided that while turning under my bangs with the big-ass round bristle brush I have, that I would stick it directly into my left eye. WTF???? It’s like I forgot I had an eye or at the very least, where the eye is on my face. I actually stood there, looked in the mirror and called myself an idiot – YOU IDIOT – I said. So, thinking it would be a good time to tackle a major remodeling project, “let’s do the bathroom” was said. Now, no one is admitting who actually said it. I know I’ve said it in the past and I know that DH has said it very recently, but somehow, I thought it was said, like, NOW, so off to HOME DE-POT we went. The wallpaper came down. The base coat paint went up and I decided to be artistic and try rag painting. Well, it came out great!!! But I am one big, sore, pile-up of muscle and I think I broke my ass. Seriously. All those power squats painting down at the baseboard. All the reaching up to the ceiling, because I have to stand on a step ladder and not a real ladder because I hate them. After it was all done, I came out to the living room, turned around to my DH and asked him “is it still there???” and he said, yes, I know you WORKED your ass off, but I’m sorry, it IS still there. I also took a misstep off the step ladder and hurt the ball of my LEFT foot – are ya getting a pattern here? I’ve been beating the hell outta my left side, I guess because my right side doesn’t like it? It’s not as popular? It doesn’t do all the work the right side does, so let’s try to kill it?

There was knitting in between waiting for paint to dry – the easy baby sweater is done and almost all sewn together. I cast on for the IK baby jacket, because, well, the yarn I ordered came Saturday and I had to try it – Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino in a buttery yellow – it is wonderful. And I finished the first clown sock and cast on for the second, but it’s sitting right next to me right now, this minute, looking like it should be getting worked on, but instead I’m posting.

And, my youngest, who wasn’t feeling good and stayed home friday, needed to be picked up from school today – still not up to getting thru the day standing up, I guess. So I’m home, doing warsh that never got done because of the bathroom redo (I’d love to have one of those show’s come in here and show me how they do this stuff on a “dime”???) and contemplating a sock. Will post pic’s this week, but I’m just too tired right now.

That little sock is calling my name…..


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