Finished spinning and plying the Finnwool from Misty Mountain. I was a little disappointed in the preparation of this bag – usually their fiber is so nicely and uniformly dyed, that you can count on spinning a few skeins that kinda match. Not the case with this bag. This is about 300 yards spun up and the skeins are very different from each other. Now I know to check the whole darn bag and mix it up more before I just jump right in and start grabbing at fiber. This was done on the HitchHiker wheel – very nice little wheel and I’m looking forward to travelling with it.

This photo just wouldn’t cooperate – It is actually gray(alpaca) with pinks and purples mixed in (merino) spun up on my Schacht yesterday – I want to get into the merino/tencel I bought at MDS&W and now the bobbins are empty….sooooo….It was such a nice weekend. Ran all my errands Saturday AND got to visit a yarn shop(scroll down), Had a nice Motorcycle ride with DH yesterday and then just relaxed, spun, and knit on a sock. I just wish there was more time in a day!

I had to go pick up more vacuum cleaner bags on saturday and there just HAPPENed to be a yarn shop in the same area, so what kind of knitter would I be if I didn’t stop in and have a look-see? Not even planning on buying anything because this shop is kinda small, but she has really stocked up on books and yarns and is even carrying some of the more popular yarns now. I picked up this cool little book, thinking of starting a pair of socks and knowing I had sock yarn at home – thanks to my SP, Tricia! So I started these yesterday and I’m really liking the yarn. It is Clown, by Marks & Kattens and it is definitely not a boy yarn – thanks again Tricia – so these will be MINE. They are a cotton / superwash blend with some nylon. I am in the midst of the heel and it’s going pretty fast.

And Then this caught my eye…

Zephyr – I’ve heard of this yarn, but never had the chance to see it – and I fell in love with it, specifically thinking of IK Flower Basket Shawl. So the owner quickly wound off and DOUBLED the yarn for me, making it a done deal for the shawl. Now I just have to get over my fear of frogging all the time that I knit lace.

And Finally…

And this sale yarn caught my eye – so I picked up two skeins. Never heard of it before, but it is cotton/nylon mix at 153 yrds a skein and I thought it might make a interesting yarn to gift to a friend who is learning how to knit. Ssssh, don’t tell.


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