New Spinning on…


This is my Finn Wool top on my new……..drum roll please……..scroll down……

Maryland Shop and Wool:

This is my new, tee tiny wheel!!! Within a half hour of arrival at the festival, I literally stumbled onto this little wonder (really, some of those vendor booths are quite a step down than your thinking). This is the HitchHiker wheel made by The Merlin Tree. Go check them out – this little thing is under nine pounds and less than 19 inches tall. It’s perfect for me for camping and traveling – I have a Lendrum that I usually take with me, but it is still so big – I’m selling that now( – give me a halla if you’re interested). And since DH was on the lookout for a Mother’s Day surprise for me – he was right there with the charge card! How could I refuse??? Who would refuse????This is just the neatest wheel I’ve seen for on the go. It’s direct drive with scotch tension and you can get it in right or left “foot” the treadle is foot shaped which cracked me up. I’m having my oldest DS make a template of a Celtic Knot to wood burn into the wheel and then DH is going to lightly stain it. I could have gotten it stained, but I wanted to decorate it somehow and make it mine.

We headed to MD at 7:49 and arrived around 11:15 to hit traffic going into the festival – not too bad as it kept moving. I think we were parked around 11:30 and trekking to the fairground gates.
I was so overwhelmed by the festival – up till yesterday I had only gone on Sundays and was not prepared for the sheer multitude of people that were there – if I had thought it was crowded in the past – this was nothing compared to the amount of people that were there yesterday!!! It was a beautiful day and I’m telling you, I did not even absorb half of what I saw. I did not recognize a single blogger – sorry – and I’m sure I was in such a fog that I could have looked right thru you if you were standing in front of me. Our Friends Sheila and Jack met us there, so afterwards we headed over to their house and just had a wonderful time, visiting, talking knitting and quilting, and then a fantastic dinner. It was a such a nice day. We left their house around 9pm and we were home by 12am – long but satisfying day. I think next year I’m going to spend the weekend and go back on sunday to see what I didn’t absorb on saturday!!!

Pucker Brush Farm Rayon Cotton, Hand dyed, 500 yds per skein. And some Lavender Handmade soap from my friend Sheila – thanks Sheila!!

Finnwool Combed Top from Misty Mt. Fibers – love their stuff!!



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