Well, changes are happening here – I’ve changed the name of my blog to “Drop Stitch Knitter” after a very nice message from Kristine of Knit Happens in Va . She is the rightful owner of the copyright for that name and I was unaware of that. I joined the ranks of Knit Bloggers in January, and while I did happen upon her store name referenced on blogs and have indeed visited her website, and was actually thinking of changing my blog name, I was not aware of her copyright until today – again, Kristine, I’m sorry if that caused you any problems. I am in the process of changing the name on the blog and all the rings associated with it, so if anyone out there has me bookmarked – and I think there are a few of you, I would appreciate you changing my blog name on your links. (please don’t delete me, I need my few visitors!) I’d like to say thanks to Kristine for being so nice and professional, and thanks to the few of you for reading my ramblings!!! I’ve searched the web and I haven’t come up with anyone else who has this new name – whew!


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