Wise Words of Wisdom??? I think not…..


I grabbed this from A Time to Knit

1) Grab the nearest book.

2) Open the book to page 123.

3) Find the fifth sentence.

4) Post the text of your sentence in your journal or weblog along with these instructions.

5) Don’t search around for the “coolest” book you can find. Do what’s actually next to you.

Okey, Dokey, Artichokey – this is what my fifth sentence is.

“I know,” she said, without explanation.”

Figures. That would be my sentence. Nothing profound. No knowledge gleaned. Nothing to impart. No wisdom shining thru. Just that.

This is from my new book, which was sitting on the couch right next to me. It’s “A Good Yarn” by Debbie Macomber. I know I will enjoy reading this. It’s about a knitting shop. And I love knitting. But that is my sentence. That’s all.

I think I was expecting that.

Rules To Live By

Posted by HelloNeed I say anything more?????

Po Finished

Posted by HelloPo from Berroco, using Berroco Lullaby – nice stuff. I made and finished this poncho for my neice awhile ago – but lazy ass that I am, I just let it sit and lay unfringed for months. Now I must have finishitis, because I fringed it while watching Desperate Housewives the other night. What was the big deal, that I couldn’t get this done? Don’t know. Let’s see how challenged I get about shipping it out to her before she turns 20 (she’s only 4). Yeesh.

V-Neck Done!

Posted by HelloI’m really happy with this. I do wish it was longer. I did follow the rules of measurement – for length – in the pattern but I ended up with two balls of yarn??? Weird. Anyway it’s perfect – love the color, loved making it. Would really, really love if I can lose 10 pounds so it would FIT ME! I have not adjusted to gaining 10 pounds back and really didn’t think it made a difference – because apparently while I’m overeating, I must be ingesting some mind altering drugs that make me incapable of living in reality. Anyway, it’s a great incentive to get back on the treadmill again tonight. I will not regain all my weight, I will not, I will NOT!!! Anyway, I used Subway Knitter Wonderful pattern – thanks again, Colleen! And Tahki New (old) Tweed. Loved working with this yarn – it’s like butta!


Posted by Hello This is Soleil from the latest Knitty. I’m using Classic Elite Provence and the color is really warshed out in this photo – it really is a darker deeper green and so silky. I’m really looking forward to wearing this tank and hopefully it will fit THIS tank.


Posted by HelloNBaT made with Rowan Calmer – It is really looking longish, but I’m almost through with the bust increases and heading into the neck shaping. I’m working on this and Soleil at the moment – I bring this to work because I can talk and knit this without too much damage to the knitting. I finally saw the light and started to use stitch markers for the lace pattern on Soleil – morooon that I am – I just couldn’t keep it together. But those stitch markers made all the difference!!! Wow – is that what they’re for??? Really, if anyone out there in blogland has seen my brain, please, slap it for being on the loose, and send it back. I’m even sick of me. I cannot believe the idiocy that has become my life lately. It’s almost like, I’ve become every person I’ve had a bad thought about. Is this a test? Because, I think I’m failing it. I feel like if I had a contest with someone over who was more stupid lately, I would be upset if I didn’t win.

Make it stop.


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