Thanks Colleen!


Posted by Hello Here’s a pic of the start of Subway Knitters V-Neck sweater. It is made using Tahki New Tweed and since I picked a red background (brilliant) you really can’t see how nice the apricot color is. But it is knitting up fast – I hope to get thru the increases this morning and just have plain knitting to do in the car to L.I. today.

Posted by Hello This is my first Booga bag, I plan on making a few more! This was a lot of fun and really nice to knit – it is in Silk Garden #84 ( I know, but I really like silk garden and I love this colorway, so I didn’t want Kuryeon) – I think I may add a button to keep the top closed.

Posted by HelloYesterday Maryann, Mary and I went to the Bridgewater mall, and I was in heaven when I spied the Apple Store. New case for the mini – yay! I really didn’t like my other case as it was too hard to get the plugs in with it on and it looked kinda crappy – I’m really loving the thought that there is an Apple store closeby! And a Sephora, and Clarks, Brookstone – who knew? Not me and all these years I’ve been settling for little Mall experiences. Also had a very nice dinner out with Mark and Maryann last night – lots of fun, laughs, and good food.


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