Rescue from the Island??


Posted by HelloSleeve Island, that is. Only two more decreases to go and then I can start the sleeve shaping! And then I will be rescued from the Island – not like those on LOST – can’t wait to watch it tonight – new episode and an excellent reason to sit and knit!!! I’ve really liked knitting on this Ribby and I can’t wait to block it and sew it together. Then figure out what the heck I want to work on next. Here’s my list:

1. Blue Ridge Jacket from IK

2. Rogue – ha! How many times can I put that off???

3. Tank top

4. Socks

5. Flower Basket Shawl from IK

6. Subway Knitters sweater (I’ve a feeling it’s going to be this!!!)

Image hosted by
Well, I feel safe posting this as Emily should have it any minute now. This is the crochet caplet I had the priviledge of making for her and I hope she likes it! Wear it in good health, Emily!

For anyone who is interested the pattern can be found here


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